Annies Lane Vintage Release Shiraz 2015

Shiraz needs time. This Clare Valley Shiraz has had the benefit of this time through age and is a cellar release red wine. The time has done absolute wonders to it and it drinks smooth, succulently and is long on the finish.
It is creamy rich yet has still an underlying power to it that means there is more goodness to come with even more time. Everything is on sync. Black and red fruits abound. I could go onwaxing lyrically but I think you get the vibe. Up there in quality, price and value.
Try this with porchetta, roast potatoes and spinach.

Alc 14.5&. About $20. Drink to 2025. 97/100 - Exceptional.

Deep Woods Estate Chardonnay 2020

A cracker of a Margaret River Chardonnay on the quality value spectrum.
Pale to mid yellow in the glass, the nose is fulsome with classic peach melon characters.
Quite bold and rich in one dimension but has the backbone through its acidity and tempered oak to give a well roundednes to its overall stature.
I like the way it drinks, with the fruit taking a star role. The tasting note here has highly drinkable all over it. A foodie wine as well that will be versatile across cuisines. I shall be finishing the wine off tonight with some fettucine with peas and pancetta.
Alc 13%. Drink Now. About $20. 94/100 - Excellent.

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz 2019

Very decent red drinking here folks from the Koonunga Hill brand. A keeper and one that warrants a dozen and drinking of one every six months so you can see the development. It will get better with time. A multi regional blend of really good Shiraz. Big robust powerful berry and currants subsume the aroma profile. It is upfront wine full of fruit, good oak, fine tannins and a long lingering extended finish. A good food wine that just complements meat dishes. can be drunk on its own, let it sit in the glass for a little while and very nice with a good cheddar cheese. An excellent versatile red. Quality, value and price all ticked off!
Try with slow roasted lamb, roast lemon potatoes and brussel sprouts with speck.

About $15. Alc 14.5%. Drink to 2029. 94/100 - Excellent

Jacob's Creek Reserve Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

How good is it to be able to still try and especially taste a red wine of this vintage and for it to not break the bank. On top of all that it is a Coonawarra Cabernet. Tick, tick, tick and check. Not a bad review may I say.
Those who demand to know a bit more, will find a deep red colour in the glass. Brooding richness and intensity follows on the nose. Ripe fruit, plump integrated oak, soft acidity and a long layered finish. The fruit is pure and elegant, in spite of its ripe smooth long impartment. Think currants, mulberries, plums, mint and cinnamon spice. A lovely red in every sense of the word and value at that. I would drink it now and into the next few years. 
Try this with porchetta and roasted potatoes and sauteed spinach.

About $17. Alc 14.2%. Drink to 2024. 94/100 - Excellent.

Fat Bastard California Chardonnay 2018

From the Monterey region in California USA comes this decent value for money full bodied Chardonnay which doesn't pretend that it is anything other than that from beginning to end.
I've had this a few times over the year and I like the consistency of it and as I said it delivers what it says and does so time and time again.
Gloriously lemony to mid yellow in colour. Classic peach melon, tropical fruit and lemon curd on the nose. Upfront robust and fullsome fruit. Oak, decent oak - cashews and cream. Good wholesome long sweet ripe fruit on the palate. Soft acidity but enough to give it a good structure and not make it cloying or overdone. Long lingering and pure Chardonnay right through and onto the end. 
Try it with chicken and mushroom risotto.

Drink Now. Alc 13.0%. About $15. 90/100 - Very Good.

Santa Cristina Vino Rosso IGT 2019

A vibrant crimsony purple emerging in the glass for this very decent Tuscan Italian red blend.
Fresh uplifted fruit. Deep and spicy fruit. Think cherries, raspberries, blackberries and plums. Lots of berry fruit happening. Some mocha and truffles and earthiness coming through to add to the blending, mix and overall medium bodied structure. The oak is there in the background though and the lively acidity in the fruit keeps it from being too robust and big. Tempered easy smooth red wine drinking - all about showing off the quality Tuscan fruit.
Works a treat with a variety of cuisine. Versatile and value drinking at that.
Try with beef stew and dumplings.

About $22. Drink Now to 2024. Alc 13%. 91/100 - Excellent.

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Deep purple with ruby red hints. Still youthful despite its age.
Intense deep powerful nose full of berries and currants. Think blackcurrants, blackberry jam and dark red cherries. Spice filled, hints of dark chocolate, the nose subsumes the glass with lashings of fruit underpinned by good sweetish oak.
Layers of fruit and oak come through in waves through the aromas developing nicely in the glass, promising more good things to come.
Deep ripe fruit with well integrated oak and tannins on the palate. Well blended and put together. Nice drinking, mid to full bodieness, well rounded but enough there for more development over the next 5 years. Delicious with a long dry finish, this pairs a treat with a variety of cuisine.
Try this with slow cooked Greek lamb shoulder.

Alc 14.5% About $20. Drink to 2027. 94/100 - Excellent.  

Tahbilk Marsanne 2014

You don't see much Marsanne amongst the sea of white varietals that are part of the Australian wine market. Sad because it is a cracker varietal especially when well made and when sample with a few years of cellaring. 
Tahbilk are a quality Victorian winery, been around forever and know more than a thing or two about growing grapes and making wine built to last the distance and get better with age.
Still a lemon yellow bright colour despite its age. Citrus lemons dominate, an inherent minerality supports them, apricots and peaches follow with a honeyness coming through with time in the glass. It is well balanced on the palate, yet still with dryness and crispness on the finish and delicious glorious fruit - think peach melon and ripe citrine lemon tart flavours.
Swirl drink and repeat results in a very pleasurable drinking experience.
Try it with pea and pancetta pasta risotto.

About $20, 12.9% Alc. Drink to 2024. 95/100 - Superb.

d'Arenberg the Olive Grove Chardonnay 2019

A lot of boxes being ticked here for me on the wine drinking front.
Aromas, structure, taste, versatility and value.
Sourced from both McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills fruit, you get substance and a classy structure to the wine.
Pale yellow in colour, there is a lovely vibrant set of aromas here - think classic peach melon along with cashews and citrus lemons and limes. Nice and moreish. Good fruit there defined and lineal, imparted with tempered oak, lively acidity making all its dimensions delivered in sync and harmony.
Long fresh luxuriant Chardonnay drinking.
Try with chicken pesto.
Drink to 2024. Alc 13.0%. About $20. 92/100 - Excellent.

Zonte's Footstep Scarlet Ladybird Rose` 2020

Those who of us who take their Rose` seriously (as we should!) will want to know this wine is derived from fruit dominant of Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon with a dash of Tempranillo and sourced from the McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek areas of South Australia.
Those of us interested in a funky hip and pleasurable drinking experience (as we also should!) will appreciate gazing at the salmon pink colours as they flow into the glass. Shortly thereafter a quick sharp swirl will release a litany of berry fruit - mainly strawberries, cherries and raspberries. Sweet ripe fruit tempered with good fresh acidity giving it balance. Tasting it will result in fields of red juicy fruits, mock cream and yet also a dry finish that makes it oh so gluggable! Enjoy, this is an excellent Rose` for all type of wine afficionados. 
Try it with soy braised chicken and tofu.
Drink Now. About $22. Alc 13.5%. 92/100 - Excellent. 

Elephant In The Room Jumbo Chardonnay 2019

Value plus from this Limestone Coast South Australian Chardonnay.
Good solid honest Chardonnay delivered varietally, regionally and at quality and price. Job done in my books.
Good upfront lemon yellow fruit in the glass. Beautiful peach melon fruit at that.
Ripe lifted simple forward full flavoured fruit. Fresh acidity and good oak supporting it well. 
Long and delicious on the palate, you get a lovely creaminess as well.
Moreish and a treat to have with crumbed salmon fillets and a greek salad. 
Drink Now. About $15. Alc 13.5%. 90/100 - Very Good.

Angullong Shiraz 2019

An excellent cool climate spicy bold Shiraz from the Orange region made from this very good boutique winery.
Deep blackish purple, in its youth. Has an easy decade in it.
The nose has it all - red and black fruit, spice, peppery notes, liquourice aniseed. Classy fruit, well imparted oak, fine grainy tannins. A rich seductive nose with plenty of fruit and oak and alcohol. Nothing out of sync even in these early days. Has lots of cellaring and development potential. Drinks beautifully. A lovely red wine in all aspects - quality and value.
Try it with tortellini with slow cooked beef and pork ragu.
Alc 14.5%. About $22. Drink til 2029. 92/100 - Excellent.

Oyster Bay Marlborough Chardonnay 2018

The Marlborough region of New Zealand knocks out its fair share of solid quality whites. This Chardonnay has been a mainstay of the Oyster Bay stable for as long as I can recall. I came across it the other day and it is a really good Chardonnay if you still like a bit of oak in it.
You get plenty of juicy primary fruit, peach melon and citrus fruits dominating. Ripe sweet fresh fruit characters, held up with a fair share of oak. Not OTT, just right oak there noticeable and showing off nuttiness, cashews on the smooth rich palate. Good fresh acidity there as well supporting the fruit.
Drinkable, highly drinkable. Try it with bbq prawns. 
Drink Now. 12.5%. About $15. 90/100 - Very Good.

Angullong Merlot 2018

A rich ripe luxuriant Merlot from this boutique cool climate Orange region winery.
Very pleasurable drinking from begining to end. Deep brooding dark purple blackish. A youngster with time on its side. The youth and alcohol don't distract however.
The brooding spicy plums dominate the nose. Stunning vibrant and fresh, yes ripe, intense and uplifted but not over the top in any way. Balanced long smooth and seamless on the palate. Fruit check, oak check, acidity check, tannin structure check - the winemaker can take a bow.
Very moreish drinking here. Really good Merlot showing off what it can do. Giving it a few years may imporve it but it really is drinking smashingly well now.
Oh and did I mention the word value anywhere here. 
Try it with tagliatelle alla ragu.
About $22. 14.5%. 93/100 - Excellent.

Madfish Premium White Chardonnay 2018

For the price, it is value drinking plus. This Western Australian Chardonnayis bang on with its varietal and regional influences ticking the boxes neatly as you smell and taste it.
Classic peach melon with tropical fruit notes and good oak, there making its presence felt and supporting the overall fruit drivenness of this wine. The acidity is also there as well, supporting the fruit giving it a   freshness and crispness. This Chardnnay is not pretending to be anything more than a very good white versatile in its ability to suit a variety of cuisines. Having said that it does its job very well indeed.
Quite full and robust on the palate, the fruit is the star here.
Try with buccatini and a rose' cream sauce.
About $18. Alc 13.0%. Drink Now. 90/100 - Very Good.

Henkell Trocken Dry-Sec Sparkling Wine

This German sparkling wine delivers bang for buck and quality at that.
Pale straw, it is brilliant very light yellow in the glass with tight fine beads forming.
The aromas are classic citrus, lemon curd, limes and fresh green apples. Soft acidity accompanying making it use friendly. On the dry side on the palate yet the fruit still comes through very well indeed. I like the way it does this showing off the fruit but not being too overpowering. It creates popular appeal through its impartment of flavours yet with restraint.
Great standalone sparkling wine but will work fine with the right lighter style cuisine.
Try it with Vietnamese fresh spring rolls.
Alc. 11.5%. About $15. Drink Now. 90/100 Very Good.

Squealing Pig Pinot Noir Rose` 2019

I don't mind Marlborough Pinot Noir from across the Tasman there, so unsurprisingly this Rose` delivers very nicely for me.
Plush light pink the colour dazzles in the glass.
Classic cherries, raspberries, strawberries and musksticks on the nose. Juicy fresh uplifted fruit as it should be for a Rose`. Good supporting acidity, long on the finish, medium dry - the fruit flavours of strawberries, peach and melon balancing out very well. Delicious seamless effortless drinking.
Drink Now. About $15. 13.0%. 91/100 - Excellent.

Howard Park Miamup Chardonnay 2019

Really like this Margaret River Chardonnay at all levels - quality, value and price as well as the way it delivers as standalone drinking and its ability to pair very nicely with an array of cuisines. Not much more you ask for in a wine.
Gloriously shiny youthful greeny yellow in the glass.
Peach melon and lemon and grapefruit, some vanilla bean and some cashew creaminess come through the aroma set. Sharp and quite sophisticated on the nose. Promises a lot just off the nose. The acidity is fresh and lively and cuts through the French oak treatment of the fruit very well. Put together it is an uplifted Chardonnay with class and substance. I like it a lot.
Try with a prawn risotto.
Alc 13%. About $28. Drink to 2024. 94/100 - Excellent.