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Since the early 1990's, Paul Ippolito has conveyed his passion and knowledge of Australian wine to all around him, indeed sometimes whether they wanted to hear his opinion or not.

An avid collector and wine drinker, Paul Ippolito, one day Paul decided it wasn’t enough just drinking the stuff and boring all round him about wine, no, he wanted to see his name in print and tell the world what he thought, so Paul decided to start writing about wine.

Paul got published writing for a newspaper in Southern NSW and next through newspapers and magazines throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia then nationally. 

He also wrote for Mens Health magazine nationally, a wine magazine in India and a luxury food and wine magazine in Singapore.

Paul also published an independent monthly wine consumer newsletter, called aptly 'Paul Ippolito Talks Wine',
written for the wine drinker who wanted to know more about wine but did not know where to turn to for advice.

In between all this Paul has even made a couple of appearances on Australian radio telling all and sundry what he knew about his love of wine!

Paul's also has been pervasive on the internet in its early days with long standing regular wine contributions to one of Australia's largest online women's magazine sites and the lifestyle section of one of Australia's original web search engine websites.

His own wine website has long been his domain for wine writing and again is showcasing wines he is drinking.