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       21 January 2021

d'Arenberg the Olive Grove Chardonnay 2019

A lot of boxes being ticked here for me on the wine drinking front.

Aromas, structure, taste, versatility and value.

Sourced from both McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills fruit, you get substance and a classy structure to the wine.

Pale yellow in colour, there is a lovely vibrant set of aromas here - think classic peach melon along with cashews and citrus lemons and limes. Nice and moreish. Good fruit there defined and lineal, imparted with tempered oak, lively acidity making all its dimensions delivered in sync and harmony.

Long fresh luxuriant Chardonnay drinking.

Try with chicken pesto.

Drink to 2024. Alc 13.0%. About $20. 92/100 - Excellent.

9 January 2021

Feudo Arancio Grillo 2019

Grillo_h975(0)This Sicilian Grillo white wine has been one of my go to Italian drops for quite some time.

Made in Sicily, in the Ragusa region, Grillo was traditionally one of the varietals used in making Marsala.

A glorious light yellow, the hue is vibrant. What follows is an array of both citrus and tropical aromas. Think oranges, lemons and then pineapples, guava and melon. Nice aromas, inviting and moreish.

The palate reflects the fruit, is supported by tempered acidity making for a smooth well rounded white wine that is just delicious.

Try this with tagliatelli con ragu.

About $20. Alc 13.0%. Drink Now. 91/100 - Excellent.

7 January 2021

Brick Lane Birds Of A Feather Passionfruit & Guava Sour

The Brick Lane Brewing Community began when 25 friends came together with a plan to do things a bit differently and focusses on creating a community of beer makers and beer lovers. Made at a purpose built facility in Dandenong, Brick Lane is pushing the boundaries in brewing and making different types of beers.

A fascinating and very decent fruit focussed sour beer is what we have here before us. Obviously it tastes like tropical fruits and especially passionfruit and guava, but it is a beer through and through, showing off its wheat hops and delivering this with a long crisp sour finish.
It is refreshing and delicious and as I said fascinating to drink.

In limited supply, so move quickly if you want to try it.

Drink it with some bbq chicken satay sticks.

Alc 6%. About $32 for a 4 pack. Very Good.

2 January 2021

Squealing_Pig_NV_marlborough_Pinot_Noir_Rose_With_Graphics_286x800Squealing Pig Pinot Noir Rose` 2020

A quite decent Summer drinking Rose' made from South Australian Pinor Noir grapes. 

A glorious pink colour, it exudes wonderfully upfront fruit driven aromas. Think strawberry, raspberry, cherry and musk stick spiciness. Sweet, ripe but not sickly.

On the palate it is medium bodied in delivery with well developed fruit flavours (berry laden of course) and yet also with a good crisp backbone making for a balanced finish. Simple easy straightforward drinking. 

Try it with salt and pepper calamari

Drink Now. About $20. Alc 13%. 87/100 - Good.

1 January 2021

                       D'Soumah Brachetto Frizzante 2020

DS-Brachetto-FrizzanteBrachetto is a red Italian grape variety from the Piedmont in region in northern Italy. The people at Soumah have done a good job in growing and putting together this blush deep reddish pink lightly sparkling red.

Frizzante as a style works well here in Australia as does the combination of ripe sweet fruit, low alcohol, soft acidity all delivered with a semi dry finish.  

Sweet ripe fruit on the nose. Cherries, strawberries, raspberries you get it. Not overdone though even though I mentioned ripe. The gently sparkling Frizzante nature of the wine coupled with the natural acidity tempers any overt sweetness and imparts a delicacy and finesse to the palate.

Note whilst this is not strictly a dessert wine, moreso an aperitif, it went down a treat with homemade trifle.

Very nice easy Summer drinking. Cheers to the New Year.

Drink Now. Alc 11.25%. About $28. 88/100 - Very Good.

                                    31 December 2020

bbplByron Bay Premium Lager 

Surprise surprise it comes from Byron Bayon the beautiful coast of northern NSW.

Brewed from all pale malt hops, this is a crisp clean versatile easy drinking beer. Light to medium bodied, citrus notes and it goes down a treat and finishes just right.

A real lager from beginning to end.

Try it with a bucket of king prawns.

Alc 4.2%. About $19 for a six pack. Very good.

30 December 2020

piginhousePig In the House Shiraz 2019

This very decent organic red from the winemaking O'Dea family of Willowrie fame shows off well what the Cowra wine region is capable of.

Deep dark youthful crimson red.

Plenty of aromas, deep and brooding and pure. Pure fruit intoxicating and exudes lots and lots of red and black fruits. A bigger style of red yet imparted with just right oak and together it doesnt overwhelm or seem out of sync in any way. Blackberries, spicy plums and red cherries come through beautiful. Fruit and spice go so well together.

Drinks a treat, long smooth and with ripe tannins and a medium to full finish. Fruit more fruit, delicious and moreish. Highly drinkable and enjoyable.

Try it with roast turkey.

Drink to 2025. 14.5%. About $25. 91/100 - Excellent.

27 December 2020

shaw_smith_sauvignon_blanc_nv2Shaw + Smith Sauvignon Blanc 2020

One of the best SBs around and has been so for a long long time.

Adelaide Hills pure fruit through and through reflected beautifully from aromas set to finish on palate.

Youthful upfront and lifted fruit. Green apple, fresh herbs, spice, tropical fruits then follow.

Medium dry with inherent fruit character. The nose just draws you in as you swirl and swirl the glass. 

On the palate it is fresh robust full of fruit - citrus and tropical - good crisp acidity, well structured and a lingering finish that goes on and on. Likeable, drinkable and a very decent Sauvignon Blanc, well priced to boot.

Try this with gnocchi with italian sausage and rocket.

About $25. Drink Now. Alc 12.5%. 92/100 - Excellent.

13 December 2020

Lady of The Lake Viognier 2019Zonte's Footstep Lady Of The Lake Viognier 2020

This organic Viognier made by the people at Zonte's Footstep from Fleurieu Peninsula McLaren Vale fruit ticks a lot of boxes for me in the wine drinking experience journey.

Fresh uplifted fruit, refined, defined well and linear in presentation and delivery.

What you can tell is that there is good purity of fruit here as well as good supporting acidity that gives us an excellent structure and makes for synchronised and balaned drinking.

On the medium dry side but delivered with ample fruit character. Think peach, pear, melon and honey and an inherent light spiciness. 

Moreish versatile and effortless drinking.

Try it with salt and pepper prawns.

Drink Now to 2023. Alc 13.0%. About $30. 91/100 - Excellent.

26 November 2020

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

SW_Pacific_AleThe people at Stone & Wood describe this as Byron Bay in a bottle.

They are bang on!

No need for me to waffle on about this or that characteristic. Just think of the last time you were in Byron Bay or a similar cool chill place and this is what the beer tastes like.

Really really good is the answer over and over for this Northern Rovers NSW brewed pale ale which is made from Tasmanian grains.

Quite an upfront beer in the sense it doesn't shy away from its tropical fruit profile from beginning to end but this beer is so well made that every dimension of it from the head to taste to finish is all in sync.

Delicious and refreshing were words that popped up on my tasting note time and time again. Really nice beer, well worth a look.

About $22 for a six pack. Alc 4.4%. Rating - Superb.

24 November 2020

Brown Brothers Moscato Rose`

This is easy warm weather drinking. Rose is such a versatile Summer Australian wine that I really enjoy. It is also an easy match with a variety of cuisines and of course on its own.This is full of ripe strawberries, cherries and raspberries, red fruits dominate. Juicy fresh and uplifted, it is on the sweeter riper but lighter spectrum. It finishes with a lightness and light effervesence.

A crowdpleaser at any event at that.

Try it with peking duck pancakes.

About $15. Alc 7.0%. Drink Now. 85/100 - Good.

17 November 2020

Young Henry's Newtowner Australian Pale Ale

Independently brewed beer from surprise surprise Newtown here in Sydneytown.

Blended from a mix of Australian malts, you can tell this is pale ale but it different in the same breath. Good different, not your full on fruity sweet ripe pale Ale type. There is a fruitiness here as well but it is imparted in an underlying way but there is also a crispness, a firmer backbone and a dryness and bitterness on the finish.

I like it as it you get a bit of both dimensions and it is a versatile beer. Pairs with food very well, as well. All bases are therefore covered.

Try it with some tacos.

Alc 4.8%. About $21 for a six pack. Rating - Excellent.

13 November 2020

SSchardm3Shaw + Smith M3 Chardonnay 2019

Superb, but unsurprisingly so. Shaw + Smith do really really good things with Chardonay and have done so for a very long time. This is way up there in the best Australian Chardonnay stakes and deservedly so.

Class and elegance from start to finish. Refined from the first pour to the last taste in the mouth.

A lovely pale greenish yellowy straw. Tight unwinding white marble, nectarine, lemon citrus off the aromas. Not upfront but quite slow and evolving. Classy, edgy and yet making its point as a excellent Chardonnay. Complex and layered it is intricate in the way it presents itself. Good fresh crisp acidity supporting the fruit, poised and in check. The oak is providing vanilla characters again balanced and in check. It drinks beautifully with citrus and stonefruits emerging and in a lineal long lingering fashion. Lovely wine in every sense and at under $50 it is also value plus.

Try it with a fresh seafood platter.

About $50. Alc about 13.0%. Drink to 2025. 96/100-Superb.

12 November 2020

Zonte's Footstep Scarlet Ladybird Rose` 2020

Those who of us who take their Rose` seriously (as we should!) will want to know this wine is derived from fruit dominant of Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon with a dash of Tempranillo and sourced from the McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek areas of South Australia.

Those of us interested in a funky hip and pleasurable drinking experience (as we also should!) will appreciate gazing at the salmon pink colours as they flow into the glass. Shortly thereafter a quick sharp swirl will release a litany of berry fruit - mainly strawberries, cherries and raspberries. Sweet ripe fruit tempered with good fresh acidity giving it balance. Tasting it will result in fields of red juicy fruits, mock cream and yet also a dry finish that makes it oh so gluggable! Enjoy, this is an excellent Rose` for all type of wine afficionados. 

Try it with soy braised chicken and tofu.

Drink Now. About $22. Alc 13.5%. 92/100 - Excellent. 

6 November 2020

St John's Brook Recolte Chardonnay 2018

A beautiful Chardonnay from this boutique Margaret River.

It is balanced and in sync in every dimension and delivers accordingly.

A glorious lemony yellow, it is still tight and youthful in its aroma projections.

Predominantly citrine, limes, lemon curd and oranges. Light apricots and white peaches as well. Lovely nose full of the developing fruit potential to come. Crisp fresh acidity carrying through making this a classy elegant wine. The oak is tempered there and supporting everything well. The wine has a bit more time to develop yet is delivering lovely citrus, light tropical and nutty characters on the palate.

About $30. Alc 12.5%. Drink to 2024. 93/100 - Excellent.

5 November 2020

Elephant In The Room Jumbo Chardonnay 2019

elephantValue plus from this Limestone Coast South Australian Chardonnay. Good solid honest Chardonnay delivered varietally, regionally and at quality and price. Job done in my books.

Good upfront lemon yellow fruit in the glass. Beautiful peach melon fruit at that. Ripe lifted simple forward full flavoured fruit. Fresh acidity and good oak supporting it well. 

Long and delicious on the palate, you get a lovely creaminess as well.

Moreish and a treat to have with crumbed salmon fillets and a greek salad. 

Drink Now. About $15. Alc 13.5%. 90/100 - Very Good.

31 October 2020

Coopers Session Ale

sessionbottleVery nice Ale drinking here. A real beer, good mid strength, firm and strong.
Fruity nose, refreshing crisp and dry on the palate with the hops doing their part with a slightly bitter finish. A bit of everything, plenty of flavours and it comes together really well.
A verstaile beer. Enjoy it this Summer.

Alc 4.2%. About $22 for a six pack. Excellent.

29 October 2020

M + J Becker Wines Chardonnay 2019

becker_chardonnayA boutique Hunter Valley Chardonnay, organically made, that makes you sit up and pay attention as soon as you stick your nose into that glass!

It has the wow factor from beginning to end and is a one cracking Chardonnay.

Gloriously pale yellow in colour, out come the fresh and elegant aromas sslowly and surely.
A complex wine yielding measured peach, apricots, melon, mixed nuts, vanilla and honeysuckle. Taut and tight at first it delivers linear seamless drinking through very good fruit oak integration and fine edgy acidity. Balanced yes but in a classy poised way.

Pour me some more will be oft repeated words during this wine drinking experience. One delicious Chardonnay.   

Drink with lobster ravioli.

Drink to 2004. Alc 13.9%. About $30. 95/100 - Superb.

28 October 2020

Basket-Press-Chardonnay-DV-transKrinklewood Chardonnay 2018

A Hunter Valley Chardonnay, biodynamic, organic in the making. You can taste all of this in the purity of this excellent Chardonnay.

Pale straw, it resonates brightly in the glass. Tight at first the aromas evolve slowly and neatly. Classic white peach, citrus notes and a subtle nuttiness. An underlying minerality with good sharp crispness also gives this wine that cut and edge of refined elegance.

The oak is there doing its bit there but tempered and quietly playing its role in the background.

Youth and fresh in stature. The fruit is the star here and is doing all the heavy lifting.

Drinks beautifully with a long refined finish. It marries ever so well with cream based cuisine.
Try it with spaghetti carbonara.

About $35. Alc 13%. Drink Now. 92/100 - Excellent

24 October 2020

Mot & Chandon Brut Imp้rial Champagne NV

Without doubt one of the world's most recognised names in Champagne. French, elegant and classic in every sense, resplendently made with quality Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes.

A stunning nose full of citrus aromas. A veritable apple orchard followed by perfectly ripened lemons. Complex, tight at first and then evolving beautifully in the glass with a seductiveness that draws you closer and keeps you in. Dry in style, full of flavour, crispness and substance of fruit, apples, pears and lemons and a nuttiness from cashews. Lovely fruit, tight bubbles, everything in its place. Drinking beautifully right now.

Try it while having some crab toast. 

About $65. Alc 12%. Drink Now. 95/100 - Superb.

18 October 2020

Shades of Gris Adelaide Hills Pinot GrigioZonte's Footstep Shades Of Gris Pinot Grigio 2020

A real Summer wine coming right up and you don't have to wait until then at that.

This Adelaide Hills Pinot Grigio delivers the goods very nicely from beginning to end.

Drinkablility plus from first pour on. Gloriously green straw pale yellow in colour it dazzles in the glass and the nose just pumps out serious pure fruit driven aromas.

Think citrus lemons and limes, peaches and melons, it has it all. Fresh crisp and lively, it is invigorating and refreshing on the palate. Perfect as a standalone or just right with pan fried gnocchi and a ricotta, peas and asparagus sauce.  

Drink Now. About $25. Alc 13%. 92/100 - Excellent.

13 October 2020

Angullong Shiraz 2019

An excellent cool climate spicy bold Shiraz from the Orange region made from this very good boutique winery.

Deep blackish purple, in its youth. Has an easy decade in it.

The nose has it all - red and black fruit, spice, peppery notes, liquourice aniseed. Classy fruit, well imparted oak, fine grainy tannins. A rich seductive nose with plenty of fruit and oak and alcohol. Nothing out of sync even in these early days. Has lots of cellaring and development potential. Drinks beautifully. A lovely red wine in all aspects - quality and value.

Try it with tortellini with slow cooked beef and pork ragu.

Alc 14.5%. About $22. Drink til 2029. 92/100 - Excellent.